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Basic Personal Information

I have been on the Internet since 1978 or 1979 (I can't remember which). I am an official Internet Guru. I must be, as I am an author in Tricks of the Internet Gurus, published by Sams publishing, but presently out of print.

The picture above is a portrait I submitted for the book that they didn't use. You can tell I'm a guru from the way I float in the ether.

Okay, I lied. This is a trick photo. I'm actually sitting on a flood of packets generated by unplugging the ethernet in the middle of an ARP storm. See RFC 1122 and RFC 1123 for full details on how to make a similar photograph yourself.

I am the editor of an electronic magazine called The Eristocracy, available by electronic mail.

I am married to Tamzen Cannoy, who keeps saying she should put up her own web page.

In August, 1997, we went to Hacking In Progress, a.k.a. HIP97, a conference put on in the Netherlands by XS4All. A page with pictures and commentary about HIP can be found here.

We have three cats: Zorro, Prospero, and Raffles.

Zorro & Jon

Our eldest is Zorro, an all-black Maine Coon. Zorro's full name is Sacandaga Zorro. I have had him since he was three months old. He will be fourteen years old on the 5th of March 1997. He was very independant as a young cat, but has become very cuddly and a real purr-bucket in his dotage. I am able to type this only through his forebearance. He cannot understand why I would be typing on that silly old keyboard when I could be petting him. I haven't found any information on the web about his parents, or I would post it here.

Zorro's first companion was Erick T. Blue, my first birman. Erick died a few years ago, and Zorro was so depressed that we decided we needed to get him a kitten to keep him young. While Z doesn't cuddle with the Birman Brigade the way he did with Erick, that strategy has worked. Zorro plays with the two younger cats, and often teaches them about old age and treachery during wrestling matches.


The middle cat is Prospero, a seal point Birman. His full name is Chatange Prospero. His parents are Chatange Olinda and Parano de la Renouée. Parano died recently, and his last owner, Dave Kopper, put up this page about him.

We got Prospero to be a pet for Zorro after Erick died (this was only fair, as I got Zorro to be a pet for Erick when he was lonely). Prospero is smartest cat I've ever seen, and one of the best natured cats, too. This makes him stubborn and irascable. He knows that if he does something you don't like that he should act submissive and suck up to you for a while.

Raffles & Tamzen

The youngest is Raffles, a blue point Birman. He's named for the gentleman jewel thief, as opposed to Sir Stamford Raffles. His parents are Samsun Pandora and Chatange Olery.

You can find more cute cat pictures here.

In January, 1997 we bought a new Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon.Bertie

Professional Information

My latest résumé is available here.

From 1999 to 2001, I worked for Counterpane Internet Security. I was Director of Software Engineering there.

In 1997, I started working for Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. where I was the Chief Scientist. When PGP was bought out by Network Associates, I became CTO of the security division until I left in May of 1999.

Before working for PGP, I worked for Apple Computer in the now-defunct Apple Research Labs né ATG (Advanced Technology Group). I worked on cryptography, privacy, collaboration and shared work projects.

Before I worked for Apple, I was a founder of World Benders, Inc. which made a product called Meeting Space ®, which is the first MUD program designed for business use. Follow this link for an interview of me by Chris Hand in Computer Mediated Communications magazine. We were doing what WebEx is doing now, but we were doing it in 1993.

My main co-conspirator on Meeting Space was Jim Burrows, an old friend and co-worker. He and I were both instrumental in creating Eldacür Technologies.

I have also worked for White Pine Software on eXodus and CU-See Me.

I worked for The Corporation Formerly Known As DEC (pacem) for many years on many things.

My paper Using and Creating Cryptographic-Quality Random Numbers is availble here. It is also in the MacHack '96 proceedings, and received an honorable mention for best paper of the conference. Vinnie Moscaritolo was kind enough to convert it into HTML. It needs more work, though, as the source code has some really amusing things added to it by converting to HTML. You can't compile it now. I'll fix that soon.

As soon as I am done writing the Macintosh Entropy Manager, it will also be available here.

The latest version of my PGP public key is here.

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