SimpleSunImage is a simplification and complete rewrite of my SunClock and SimpleSun applets. It displays a map of the world showing the sunrise/sunset and twilight terminators the current time. The time at various locations is also shown. Note, however, that this is referenced to GMT and does not take daylight savings or other governmental modifications into account. The applet also displays an analog clock showing the current local time. SimpleSunImage requires Java 1.1 support and will not run on some earlier browsers or incomplete environments.

Click here for a more elaborate (but much slower to load) applet that displays the phase of the moon and other interesting data.

If you find bugs in this program (or improvements), please contact me.

The SimpleSunImage applet is displayed here if your browser supports Java. SimpleSunImage requires Java 1.1. support.

Algorithm credits

Source Files

Preliminary JavaDoc documentation for the files will be available when I solve problems with the Java development environment. At that time, you can find it by clicking on the following links:
Jars Registered The JARS Java Rating Service rated the SimpleSunClock, the ancestor of SimpleSunImage, "Top 25% WebApplet".
Made with Macintosh I used Java for Macintosh and the MRJ Software Development Kit to create SimpleSunImage.

Copyright © 1996-1999 Martin Minow. All Rights Reserved.
Earth Image Copyright © by Geosphere Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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