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The Fearless Swashbuckler

"Irlan was done on a lark. I developed the sounds with a swashbuckler in mind, but she will do for most any bold, irreverent female character. Irlan is cocky, fearless, and laughs in the face of...well...almost everything. Her soundset borrows a few choice phrases from Coran's old BGI soundset, and she certainly borrows some of the attitude as well. Perfect for thieves, fighters, and just about any female character who makes a specialty out of cheating death six times before breakfast." - Margot

UPDATE: Irlan has recently been through an overhaul. I ran the set through BGII for a few hours and discovered that a few of the sounds, while appropriate to the character, were driving me absolutely bats...so this is the IMPROVED Irlan, with a few replaced and modified sounds. She's still cocky as hell but slightly less...giggly.

SAMPLE: Irlan expresses displeasure at being treated like a beast of burden. (152K)

Click here to download the entire set. (4.1 MB)