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He's Getting Far Too Old For This...

"When I first mentioned working on this soundset, the blurb I came up with on the spot to describe it was 'Gandalf with motivational issues'. That bit of on the spot summation turned out pretty much spot on, though I claim to come nowhere near the magnificent Ian McKellen, one of the Gods (and Monsters?) of the performing arts. Algernon is a world-weary soul who's been adventuring quite some time, and is no longer as enthusiastic about the idea as he once was, though occasional bits of the old fire can surface. While he may seem too old to really fit into the BG storyline, this of course depends on the tastes of the player... so if you'd like a break from the young'uns, give Algie a go." - Clint

SAMPLE: Algernon indulges in a bit of sleight of hand... (184K)

Click here to download the entire set. (5.6 MB)