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The Civilized(?) Half-Orc

"I'm still not quite sure where Nigel came from... perhaps a cross between half-orcs on the brain, and memories of 'Og' from the movie Time Bandits. In any case, Nigel is indeed a half-orc, but he isn't your usual gruff and surly type... in fact, Nigel actually considers himself quite civilized. Perhaps a frustrated bard who hasn't quite given up the dream despite wanton discrimination against his "talents", and having to enunciate around a set of tusks. In the vein of such BG characters as Minsc, he is certainly not to be taken too seriously... but should be a flavorable and humorous addition for anyone looking for a greenskin personality a little bit off the norm." - Clint

SAMPLE: Nigel commends you on your choice of actions... (158K)

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