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Cocky Sirrah From The South

"When Margot first showed me the soundsets she'd done, one that stood out for me was 'Scarlett', a Southern belle gone the way of fantasy adventure. I allowed to her as that if there was a Scarlett, there sure as blazes oughtta be a Rhett to go along with it. So here he is, a cocky gent with a wry grin on his face, ready to look Death right in the eye and cheat him at cards while doing so. Use him for your rogue... swashbuckling fighter... heck, even a flamboyant mage wouldn't be too far out of the question. For added fun, grab Margot's Scarlett set and put both in your party... I designed some of these sayings to segue directly to or from Scarlett's words." - Clint

SAMPLE: Concern for a fallen comrade... sorta... (178K)

Click here to download the entire set. (4.9 MB)

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