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The Mysterious "Troubleshooter"

"Scarab is a major NPC (and possible romance interest) created for the BGII mod 'Allies From The Shadows'. A chaotic neutral Fighter/Assassin, oftentimes the smooth character but occasionally showing an impatient, possibly even sadistic streak. He is posted here with the mod maker's generous permission, for use with any characters of your own that might feel at home in the darkness. The mod itself is still in development and is shaping up to be quite interesting. You can check out the current discussions and developments at www.fwstudios.net (look in the forums under 'Infinity mods'), or contact the mod creator at DannyCo9@aol.com" - Clint

SAMPLE: The last thing many ever hear... (170K)

Click here to download the entire set. (5.5 MB)

Think Scarab's bad? Check out the other half of the Allies, Callista.